I wish my new partner wasn’t overweight. How do I combat my fatphobia?

Get in on this viral marvel and start spreading that buzz! Dating as a fat 20 something, specifically online dating, is just atrocious. Today, I had this conversation with a man on OkCupid. Could you help out myself and other women learn how to better handle this kind of fat-shaming-bull-shit? In fact, for almost ten years, I was a straight woman who had somehow! I only managed to figure it out because I went on a date with a guy who was generous enough to explain that it was going to be difficult to meet dudes if I only hung out with ladies.

The Big Problem With Slindir, the New Dating App for “Healthy People”

And, let me tell you, the responses have been ridiculous and the backlash agonizing. Anytime, I post commentary about plus-size dating, the conversation grows long and weary. I mean, dating in general has become trash since the boom of internet faux-ness, where you can get anything and everything in the matter of a few clicks, but dating for straight-size versus plus-size is very different. When I got divorced, I went on a dating frenzy.

A woman is no stranger to inappropriate and sexist messages on online dating apps, but one man took it too far when he tried to fat-shame.

Lauren Gordon. Finding love has never been the simplest of tasks, but in the wake of the digital revolution, dating went from tough to a goddamn war zone. And while there are plenty of apps to choose from, OKCupid remains one of the largest free services for single people. But unfortunately, one plus-size single woman discovered that the service is deeply flawed in the way it searched for your perfect match.

In an article for Plus Model Magazine , Sapora eloquently broke down why this question and several others pertaining to body-type preference is deeply flawed:. In , OkCupid allowed users to weed out dates by body type, allowing candidates to self-identify and deselect options from “skinny” to “curvy” to “used up.

How My Fat-Shaming Exes Inspired Me to Date Better Guys

Research has shown that stigma and bias from health professionals aimed toward people who are fat has contributed to negative mental health outcomes and even trauma for these consumers. As mental health professionals, it is important that we identify and address negative and erroneous beliefs that we may hold about populations that we work with. This workshop will help professionals to identify stigma and bias around weight and body size, examine how these beliefs show up in their own work, and take steps to reduce negative and harmful experiences for our clients.

Emily has 11 years of experience in the field of social work including working in group homes, in-home therapy, teaching youth in foster care, and providing group, individual, and family office based therapy. Her knowledge of weight stigma comes from personal and professional experience as well as learning from activists, medical professionals, and educators who talk and write about the effects of weight stigma.

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Ridiculing the notion that fat men could be “good” at sex further entrenches systemic fatphobia. 6. “He Won’t Cheat”: Fat Men Are Too Desperate.

I interviewed a gal named Ashley after I posted this quote on Instagram:. Both are painful. Only the latter is compounded by systemic fat oppression. Hi Ashley! Tell me a little bit about yourself? To give readers some context: Fatphobia and sizeism are the fear, dislike, and stigmatization of folks in larger bodies. What is your experience with these things? Where to start?

My experience as a fat person living in this lovely world There are many things, some being the experience of public spaces, healthcare bullshit, job discrimination, dating as a disaster, clothing issues, and microaggressions. Tell me about your experience of navigating public spaces. For example, airplanes not having seatbelt extenders or movie theaters and their small seats. Things like family vacations can get kind of hard with travel restrictions.


This means, though, that even though I spent two and a half of the past three years in a relationship, I was still dating the whole time. My weapon of choice is OkCupid, because the design is great, I love the matching algorithm, and it seems to be the most populated by interesting, thoughtful, attractive people, and is especially dense with nonmonogamous folk.

This is my most important piece of advice. I took control of my dating fate, and took steps towards having the experiences I actually wanted. And, what do you know, my luck changed overnight. Take control of your own narrative.

Refinery29 – “The Fat Girl’s Guide To Plus-Size Dating Apps” don’t want to deal with the fat-phobia that’s so common on Tinder or OkCupid, and would prefer.

This is an op-ed by Allure’s digital wellness editor Rosemary Donahue about the problems with an app called Slindir, which bills itself as a dating app for “healthy people. As the wellness editor here at Allure , I get a fair amount of PR pitches that aren’t exactly on-brand for us. Responding to them all would be a full-time job in and of itself, which is why I typically only respond to the brands I plan on covering. But then I got an email asking me to cover an app called Slindir, the specifics of which caused me to make a face I instantly worried might be permanent — and then, I got mad.

Most dating apps aim to make our romantic lives easier by helping us find potential matches for coffee, hook-ups, or long-term partnership basically anytime we have our phones in hand. It makes sense that many of these apps aim to help us better find companions by allowing the customization of certain preferences though that, in itself, can be problematic. However, Slindir calls itself a “one-of-a-kind dating app, created specifically for like-minded individuals, leading a healthy and active lifestyle, with a mission to match on what truly matters.

As I said, I don’t typically respond to PR messages in a negative manner, but I had a particularly awful feeling in my gut upon reading all of this. From the name to the tone of much of the messaging to its functionality, it hits many wrong notes. If the person sending the email had done even a small amount of research on the recipient of the pitch, they’d have known that I, in fact, have an eating disorder , along with 30 million others, just in the U.

To create an app that is potentially triggering to so many folks is exclusionary and dangerous. Much of the product messaging is also heteronormative, as well as pretty ableist — and disabled and chronically ill folks face enough issues when it comes to dating without an app that seeks to exclude them from the start. A quote on Slindir’s home page says, “The ability to share a similar lifestyle contributes to shared positive experiences, which forms the foundation of a lasting relationship.

To put it plainly, it says that the only folks who are worthy of love are those who look a certain way and are able-bodied, and that’s fucked up and untrue.

Why Is It So Shocking That Someone Would Love a Fat Person?

Skip navigation! Story from The 67 Percent. Maria Del Russo. On paper, Natalie Craig seems like the type of woman you’d expect would have a few dating apps on her phone. But even though her last stint in the digital dating world ended with a fairly happy relationship, Craig isn’t jumping to reenter the scene — partly because of her past experiences.

Do men only want to have sex with bigger women, but not date them?

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I’m tired of women making fun of men for their height then expecting them to tolerate all different types of weight, which isn’t even a fixed state. And I want to make a stand for them. Because something strange and unacceptable in our culture has happened where women think it’s ok to publicly slate their petite counterparts, and dismiss them romantically, based on their height. Data compiled by OK Cupid shows that being a shorter man is considerably less advantageous in the dating world, with taller guys consistently receiving more messages and getting more sex from women than the vertically challenged.

As a result, the latter is often lying on online profiles — adding a couple of inches here and there to impress the ladies. From personal experience, I have seen how brutal women can be about shorter blokes. This sentiment is now reflected on dating apps such as Tinder, where women’s profiles often include height requirements. And today I even read an article in which an anonymous woman cruelly documented her encounter with a short man. Unfortunately, this type of rhetoric has become a normal part of life.

In fact, many of my friends will now dismiss guys on dates with no other reason than they were “too short”. The thought of operating in such a Spartan dating world sends shivers down my spine. But what especially vexes me is this double standard of women criticising and making fun of short men, then expecting them to tolerate all different types of weight which isn’t even a fixed state.

For a man to openly reject a woman because he found her fat would be social suicide.

Is it too much to ask for a dating app to put plus-sized women first?

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However, the justification behind the fatphobia or our fatphobic Dating has not become easier or harder with online possibilities, it is just.

Maria Del Russo. Size paper, Natalie Craig seems the the type of woman you’d expect would have a plus dating for on her phone. But even the her last stint in the digital dating world ended the a fairly happy relationship, Craig isn’t jumping to reenter the scene — partly because of her past experiences. Do men only want to have sex size bigger women, but not date them? Craig’s experiences aren’t unique. It’s on regular sites like OkCupid and Tinder.

The, are the dating women to blame? The easy and typical explanation for this is that swipe-based dating for have made us more shallow. But at 34, she found herself newly divorced and facing a dating scene that she felt focused more on her looks than the one she’d remembered. Plus is just judging based on appearance. That said, women plus that apps are to blame for people’s obsession with their prospective size’ looks isn’t completely fair.

Dear Virgie: Online Dating As a Fat 20-Something is ATROCIOUS. Help?

Tinder, Grindr and Bumble still dominate the market, no new groundbreaking technology has shaken up the way we meet people still waiting on my VR girlfriend and — apart from a few unique gimmicks, like making you try to pick one song that entirely summarises your character Raya — the biggest apps out there are still pretty similar to one another. Over the years, some apps have admittedly tried to shake things up a bit, or cater to more specific audiences; my mum joined Tindog, an app for connecting dog owners — until someone asked her for nudes, J-Swipe sets up Jewish people while Muslima does the same for Muslims, and there have even been apps where you can conjure someone to give you a hug.

As gender fluidity and sexual fluidity increase, do we need such specificity in our dating apps? Will the distinction between say Tinder and Grindr eventually disappear? I think dating apps give people an excuse to stay at home rather than meeting people IRL and putting themselves at risk of rejection.

Fat phobia online dating – Join the leader in mutual relations services and find a date today. Join and search! Men looking for a woman – Women looking for a.

But I also start with these words to make clear to potential dates an undeniable truth: I am fat. And yes, I want you to notice my body size before you Like me. When I initially ventured onto Tinder in , my first-date jitters centered around whether or not the people I matched with knew I was fat. I fretted that matches would arrive to our date, shake my hand, and be shocked at the fat woman in front of them.

Every time I opened Tinder to find multiple new matches, I questioned why anyone was Liking a plus-pound woman. My internal narrative was always the same: Something must be wrong.

21 Things to Stop Saying Unless You Hate Fat People

Do you have any advice or resources to help me further combat my fatphobia in the context of a new relationship? Thank you for your courage in asking this question and being willing to do the work around your fatphobia. Awareness and reaching out are great first steps.

Fatphobia, or the fear of or disdain for fatness or fat people, heavily influences the ways in which a woman’s overall social value is assessed. From being bullied in​.

The It Gets Fatter Project primarily serves self-identifying fat people of colour, including queer, trans, and disabled fat people. We provide an online forum and community itgetsfatter. We also provide workshops and trainings for the general public, with topics ranging from fatphobia and body positivity , desire and desirability, to deconstructing health and body autonomy.

The bodies of fat people are continually discussed in the public sphere as a burden to taxpayers and our health care system. This is why it is fundamental that fat people are a part of this conversation about assessing and improving relationships with our health care providers. While everyone is entitled to quality care, doctors and health care practitioners can exhibit the same kind of biases that fat people experience outside the health clinic, which can jeopardize these really important relationships with doctors and with our own bodies.

Fear of being stigmatized, shamed or constantly lectured on weight loss can cause many fat people to delay or forgo a visit to the health clinic altogether. Fatphobia is the fear and dislike of fat people and the stigmatization of individuals with bigger bodies. As with any system designed to exclude, shame or oppress people on the basis of shared characteristics or identities, it can be easy to assume that something like fatphobia only exists on an individual level. In reality, it is layers of complex beliefs and institutional systems that treat fat bodies in need of correction and discipline— sometimes through violent means.

It feeds the bias, discrimination, disregard and sometimes even hatred that all fat people have to contend with on a daily basis. Fatphobia is present in almost all kinds of media that we consume, and it teaches us what kind of body type we view as valuable and desirable in our culture. It also plays out on a personal level. This includes personal interactions, conversations or hurtful remarks that, regardless of intentions, enforce certain views about what bodies are good and which are bad.

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In my teens and early 20s, cruel comments from the guys I dated messed with my head—but then I discovered a community that helped me realize my true worth. Lora Grady August 9, One morning after a fairly tense Thanksgiving dinner with my family, and I was sitting on my bed with my then-boyfriend Neal. I had just spent two weeks in Europe, which helped me realized that I was done with his overbearing and sometimes creepy behaviour. It had only been three months, so… no.

Some dating apps have launched campaigns to try to combat the aforementioned problem of racism, misogyny and fatphobia, like Grindr’s “Kindr”.

The assumption is that I would be in agreement, as most people are Goldilocks. They are seeking someone who is not too thin nor too fat, but someone who is just right. The reality is that any potential connection we may have shared up until now has disappeared. If something as fluctuating and vapid as body weight holds as an important criteria for your dating standards, maybe you are not ready to date a human. At this early point in this blog post, some would already claim that I am accusing others or themselves of harm that they are not committing.

When preferences become a standard norm, they become prejudice. Preferences are personal; they randomize from person to person. They are as vast and varied as there are people on this planet. The odds that a majority all naturally prefer a certain type of person is quite low. However, the justification behind the fatphobia or our fatphobic society is irrelevant here.

Online Dating Shocker – Are All the Men Really Fat and Ugly?

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