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So I made friends with some of the other outcasts. Eventually I settled in with the nerds. They thought I was a bit weird too, but they were proud of being weird so it was a natural fit. Am I making sense so far? Dianmu rolled her eyes. Dungeons and Dragons is the one that really matters here. Are you familiar with it? It never really caught on in China — at least, not among the people I lived among in Guangzhou. Ryan nearly doubled over from laughter. Dianmu laughed, then looked at Ryan.

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A pottery kiln dating to the early years of LH that was recently excavated in the southwestern part of the Large Building Complex may have played a role in the.

Geography and population density in online social networks. In online communities and other social networks, David Liben-Nowell et al. Liben-Nowell et al. Message-forwarding simulations based on these data showed that a routing strategy based solely on geography could successfully find short chains in the network. Jean Daillant et al. Lipid bilayers are increasingly being used in biophysical studies as a controlled, idealized model system of cell membranes.

Most measurements of the structure and fluctuations of bilayers come from experiments with vesicles or multilayer stacks.

Small-world experiment

The underestimated vitalness of the miniature, and the potential for subversion that comes with altered scale, form the basis of the Fleming Museum of Art ‘s new exhibition, “Small Worlds: Miniatures in Contemporary Art,” at the University of Vermont. Fleming curator Andrea Rosen has long held tiny things dear, from making childhood pilgrimages with her family to the International Guild of Miniature Artisans ‘ annual convention to re-creating famous artworks in miniature as an undergraduate art student.

A seed in Rosen’s mind since she began at the Fleming in , “Small Worlds” brings together 12 artists who work in reduced size to various ends; the exhibition makes an earnest argument for miniatures as serious engagement. That said, some works do speak mainly to the immediate and viscerally felt cuteness of the very small: The glossy digital photographs of Minimiam the working name for collaborators Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle reimagine sumptuous spreads as benignly worked landscapes.

In the diptych “Gonfleur,” teensy hard-hatted laborers appear to be inflating raisins into grapes.

Small worlds and semantic network growth in typical and late talkers. N Beckage, L Testing sequential patterns in human mate choice using speed dating.

Virtual worlds are everywhere, and ever since Second Life became a popular web-based virtual world, we’ve all been waiting for the other shoe to drop in terms of virtual world potential for integrated social media and marketing. We’ve seen a good deal of development towards this arena, with things like Armani stores in Second Life, Sears clothing for your Meez , and branded products available for decorating your 3D room in SceneCaster.

SmallWorlds is a new web-based virtual world offering that is looking to combine several aspects of current trends, with a great focus on social media. So you can use Flickr images as posters in your virtual bedroom, or watch YouTube clips on your 3D living room television. Other applications, like Grafiti, that have become popular on networks like Facebook, are also present in SmallWorlds. Games, such as pool, can also be played within SmallWorlds, in a similar fashion as gameplay on a portal like Yahoo Games.

What SmallWorlds is looking to do is bring the actual social media web experience into a virtual world, not through recration of various social activities, but the more direct application of media within SmallWorlds. The public beta of SmallWorlds launches today, if you’d like to try it out. We’re using cookies to improve your experience.

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Small Worlds, Global Lives

North America was first settled in the late Pleistocene by Paleoindian peoples, Clovis is the best documented archeological complex associated with this settlement. Undoubtedly, Clovis groups faced adaptive challenges in the novel environments of a sparsely populated New World. In this paper, we ask whether Clovis had small-world networks to help them create and maintain connections across the vast landscape of western North America.

Small worlds are properties of many real networks and are characterized by high clustering and short path lengths.

Located in an innercity neighbourhood dating back to the ealry 20th centurey, a conserved 2 storey terrace shophouse type is now reimagined.

The World Wanderers podcast is a travel diary of our adventures since we started traveling together in We take you with us to South America where we go through some our deepest personal transformations. We take you with us as we move to a small town in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and take a massive career pivot. We take you with us to the southern US where we lived for a year. We take you on all our adventures in Mexico, which is the country we both feel most at home in the world.

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SmallWorlds Has Virtual Flickr Posters, YouTube TV, and More

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Childhood as we recognize it is a relatively recent invention – dating, in fact, a problem with Small Worlds – the actual cast of Torchwood is all but irrelevant.

Sign up Log in. SUU News Podcasting. By Podcast Director. Listen on. Where to listen. Go to next audio Go to next audio. Go to prev audio Go to prev audio. A Date with Sugar and Spice: I ain’t your girlfriend. I ain’t your girlfriend, but you don’t want me to see nobody else. Thundercast: March 5, In the end I’m gonna be alright. But it might take a hundred sleepless nights to make the memories of you disappear. But right now I can’t see nothing through these tears. Reyce talks about his past vacations and his future trip to Universal Studios.

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KIWI game development company Outsmart, which created global hit SmallWorlds, has “dipped its toes” into the mobile space for the first time. The Auckland-based studio launched its first mobile game three weeks ago and Gopher Launch has already attracted 60, registered users. Mitch Olson, who co-founded Outsmart with Darren Green in , said the company had traditionally focused its attention on creating desktop games.

But the “huge groundswell” in mobile devices, combined with falling PC sales around the world, meant avoiding mobile game development was no longer an option.

By creating your own world as an artist, you can control everything that’s in it, the message you want to send and the feeling you want to convey.

I did find this story to be something of a triumph of style over substance, a trap that Torchwood continually hovers on the edge of and sometimes falls in. As Phil points out, the characters are very much reduced to ciphers based on their own characterisations here – Jack, being an enigmatic Immortal, does little more than play the part of “the enigmatic Immortal”, preferring to resolve the situation by arriving somewhere, observing, and then allowing events to take their course. While Gwen is reduced to a neophyte companion learning from the master.

This far into its debut series, Torchwood is beginning to resemble nothing so more as a dumping ground for scripts from different genres and shows. It is showing a lack of consistency in characterisation and style which may be the cause of its bad press within fandom who are noticeably less tolerant of lack of consistency. Why, in other words, is there not more interest in Annwn or Mag Mell or Avalon?

I think I’d add that part of it, at least, is that the world of fairies is also the least well-defined of the Otherworlds, so it becomes the “default” one, and if you want to throw in elements of the others you can.

SmallWorlds creator makes mobile game debut

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KIWI game development company Outsmart, which created global hit SmallWorlds, has “dipped its toes” into the mobile space for the first time. The Auckland-based studio launched its first mobile game three weeks ago and Gopher Launch has already attracted 60, registered users. Mitch Olson, who co-founded Outsmart with Darren Green in , said the company had traditionally focused its attention on creating desktop games. But the “huge groundswell” in mobile devices, combined with falling PC sales around the world, meant avoiding mobile game development was no longer an option.

Five members of the strong Karangahape Rd studio dedicated themselves to creating Gopher Launch, which went live on iTunes and Google Play on June The aim of Gopher Launch is for players to race across rotating 3D planets, trying to gather items from the surface and get back to their rocket ship before an auto-launch sequence kicks in. Although the game is free to download, Outsmart will generate revenue through advertising and by charging players to access an ad-free version of the game.

Outsmart will launch a second mobile game called Roost Raiders in the next six weeks, Olson said.

Small Worlds

After all they’ve done for us, dads everywhere deserve to be appreciated on a daily basis, rather than waiting all year for a card and tie or some power tools. Though the holiday has morphed over the years into Sensory play is a wonderful way to explore the world with your little learners!

r/SmallWorlds: The official Subreddit for SmallWorlds. they were dating lol sorry it’s a fucked up story kinda. but anyway s was inactive for like a year and g was.

Sign In. Hide Spoilers. LaFeeChartreuse 2 July I really liked this episode, for a variety of different reasons, though I should probably qualify that by mentioning that I am a very interested in fairy folklore, and b not a stickler for maintaining a hard and fast division between science fiction and fantasy. And it’s because of the former that I found some of the other comments unintentionally amusing. Anyone who finds the idea of fairies killing people far-fetched clearly doesn’t have much knowledge of traditional fairy lore – the cutesy butterfly-winged depictions most people think of when they hear the term “fairy” now are actually pretty historically recent, dating back no further than the Victorian era.

Most of the older legends about fairies are a lot darker and more disturbing, and yes, they frequently do have a body count. I actually found a lot of elements in this episode to be satisfyingly consistent with traditional folklore – the way they were depicted as capricious and amoral, childlike and dangerous at the same time, the connection with special places that have to be respected, the child-stealing aspect, the connection with nature and the elements, and their tendency to take violent revenge on people who offend them.

But what I think I found most surprising and pleasing about the treatment of the fairies in this episode was that they didn’t take the easy and obvious way out and have them turn out to be really aliens.

Lets play smallworlds ep 3: how to get a quick date

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