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Date nails were driven into railroad ties, bridge timbers, utility poles, mine There are over 2, different date nails used by North American railroads that show.

Obituary of O. The obituary traces Mr. Link’s life from his work in commercial photography, his project of photograph the last steam engines in the ‘s, and his problems with his ex-wife over theft of his pictures. It contains a photograph of O. Winston Link when he was honored by the Virginia House of Delegates in Article in American Profile magazine, Southeast edition, about O. Winston Link and his project to photograph steam locomotives in southwest Virginia in the ‘s.

Lot of 3 LBS Antique Vintage Railroad Square old Date Nails 26 old Detroit

Prices and Wages by Decade: Links to U. All data is for the United States unless specifically indicated. Introduction ss Toggle Dropdown Up through s Toggle Dropdown s Toggle Dropdown s Toggle Dropdown present. Underneath the table, there is data on wages paid for white labor and slave labor. Census , Unskilled occupations – Average wages, Shows average daily wage earnings for laborers, yard hands, watchmen, teamsters, quarrymen, coal-heavers, helpers, unskilled factory operatives, without any geographic breakouts.

Spikes & Nails Collectibles Transportation Railroadiana & Trains Hardware, Number 30 from Thirty, Three Zero Antique Railroad Date Nail, Thirty Three​.

Specify section and weight of rail and width of crossing. Passive Signs. Antique Railroad Switch Lock Keys Value Guide Keys were an integral part of the railroad and are a major area of collecting for some folks who specialize only in keys. An equivalent 50 lb. Common place in the late th century through the mid th century, Date Nails were driven into railroad ties, utility poles, bridge timbers, and other wooden structures for record keeping purposes.

At public highway-rail crossings, there are two basic types of warnings: Passive signs; Active warning signs. Today, Date Nails are highly sought after artifacts by Railroadiana collectors. This one didn’t cost me anything, if you take out some welding rods and a nut and bolt. As used in this subpart – Associate Administrator for Safety means the Associate Administrator for Safety of the Federal Railroad Administration or that person’s delegate as designated in writing..

Clearance point means the location near a turnout beyond which it is unsafe for passage on an adjacent track s. Does anyone know how to date these or can provide a link of where I can find the info. I went for a walk along the railroad track by my inlaws house and found a bunch of spikes. They have some letters and stuff on the top of them they aren’t date nails but I’ll have to get some pics later.

How Much Are Railroad Spikes Worth? Are They Worth It?

I went for a walk along the railroad track by my inlaws house and found a bunch of spikes. These instructions provide guidance on how to perform your duties so that both you and the company will comply with Department of Transportation DOT regulations. The carbon range for these track spikes is from 0. An equivalent 50 lb.

Table —Total value of reproducible (physical) railway capital formation/ countries, Chandler compares mileage dates completed in both countries in and They were very diverse casted items like doors, nails, wires, railings, and.

This is an informational post, please check the railroad spike page if you are searching for the product. Railroad spike, some people call it track spike. It is a kind of rail nails to ensure the gauge between the two rails in a certain range. The railroad spike has been used to hold the rails firmly in place to the railway ties, or to some other form of lateral support. Railroad spike is a member of the rail fastening system.

The rail fastening system also contains rail clip , rail joint, tie plate and others rail fasteners, and all these rail fasteners play a big role in fixing the rail tracks and securing the running train. The entire rail system includes the rail, tie, tie-plate, and ballast. All of them have a crucial and specific function. Railroad spikes are usually used with the rail tie plate to connect the steel rails and the railway sleepers.

Tie Dateing Nails / Markers

Formulation of recycled polyethylene terephthalate PET with pulverized recycled rubber-like material, and optimally a compatibilizing agent is described for application to railroad tie construction and other products. Desirably, the attractive formulation provides useful products from recycling of plastic PET bottles and discarded tires which greatly benefits the environment. The formulation can be foamed during an extrusion process to reduce the density of the composite so as to be even more economically attractive.

In the past, the formulated use of recycled PET in many applications would not be economical because of PET’s high material density relative to a polyethylene alternative.

He was born in in his grandparent’s house on Railroad Street. His grandpar Cole has 2 date nails from a cash value as stated for that.

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How Much Are Railroad Spikes Worth?

So the spikes I would assume are atleast as old as the rail. I work for BNSF railway was told about dates on the rail but no info on the spikes. How to date railroad spikes. I went for a walk along the railroad track by my inlaws house and found a bunch of spikes. Does anyone know how to date these or can provide a link of where I can find the info.

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The present invention relates to engineered railroad ties, methods of manufacturing same, and methods of using same. In particular, the present invention relates to railroad ties which resist sliding in the ballast of a railroad bed. Railroad ties serve to support rails and also to maintain proper distance between rails under expected loads. Failure to adequately serve either of these roles can lead to a derailment, endangering both lives and property.

In general, a railroad tie must be able to maintain the desired distance between and under a lateral load of 24, lbs. Thus, for a typical railway wherein the distance gauge between the rails is To effectively withstand such loads, the tie material must possess both stiffness and strength. In this regard, a railroad tie should, in general, exhibit the following minimal physical properties:. Another factor regarding maintaining the proper distance between rails is thermal expansion.

To be suitable as a railroad tie, the material must exhibit a low thermal expansion.

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I was walking with a friend of mine when he did something really odd around 48th Avenue. He paused t o look at a telephone pole, pointing out a nail with the number 57 stamped on the head. He then snapped a photo of it with his phone and excitedly explained how this mundane bit of hardware fits into a longtime San Francisco hobby of date nail collecting. As it turns out, a complete set of these nails from a certain time period or region can fetch a pretty decent price.

Railroad companies started using date nails in the s to record the dates of chemical treatments on their ties. Utility companies started doing it some time later.

NETEX/Blacklands Railroad serves a region in the Northeast corner of Texas, encompassing a Many ties on the line have date nails that show installation in the late Property values would decrease by up to 25%, which could result in a.

The integrity of surface artifact assemblages on historical sites can be highly variable. Some sites are virtually barren, while others are awash in refuse. This article explores the impact of rail access, wartime recycling, and differential access to consolidated refuse disposal on surface artifact assemblages found at historical sites in the American West. Sites that lacked rail access and did not participate in wartime recycling are most likely to be intact.

In addition, assemblage effects due to differential access to consolidated refuse-disposal protocols are also examined. A suite of 10 historical sites, distributed across three states and dating between and , is used to illustrate the variable effects of these three factors on surface refuse at historical sites in the West. Quelle en est la cause?

Spikes & Nails 1925 RAILROAD STEEL DATED # 25 ANTIQUE DATE SPIKE NAIL train tie marker L25

Roughneck 7lb Railroad Pick 36″ X. Check stock in your local store. Rolled forged alloy steel, hardened and tempered with black painted finish and fibreglass handle. Ideal for breaking up hard and stony ground. More Info.

THE RAILROAD RESERVES THE RIGHT TO VARY FROM IT AT PLEASURE. “​Central” Railroad are listed as follows, according to date of incorporation. Brownwood & and a marked increase in the value of item such as date nails, keys.

Larry Haeg, Harriman vs. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, This book is narrative history at its best. Larry Haeg, once an executive with Wells Fargo, has vividly told the story of the conflict in between E. Hill and J. Morgan of the Great Northern and Northern Pacific railroads to gain majority control of the stock of the Northern Pacific.

The Harriman-Schiff stock purchases, at first covert, led to a huge bubble in May of of the value of Northern Pacific stock. The end result was the ruination of some investors and the near collapse of some of the brokerage houses and banks that were involved. Hill was a businessman who, with the backing of J. The Great Northern also gained control of the twice-bankrupt Northern Pacific, which took a more southerly route from Minnesota to Puget Sound.

Hill had ambitions of integrating these railroads with steamship lines carrying freight on the Great Lakes and the Pacific Ocean. To fulfill these ambitions he needed better rail connections to Chicago and other Midwestern points. The result could be agreements for through rates on traffic moving both east and west and cotton from the south headed for Asian markets.


Briefly, a date nail is a nail with the date stamped in its head. For example, a nail with a “41” is from Date nails were driven into railroad ties, bridge timbers, utility poles, mine props, and other wooden structures for record keeping purposes. I concentrate primarily on the nails used by railroads.

value, classification, and rate of duty applicable to entered merchandise. A prominent feature goods are not entered within six months from the date of importation, they can be sold at public auction or (8) Locomotives and other railroad equipment brought temporarily into the United States for Nails, spikes, and staples.

The Skull Valley Depot Story. I n May of , the first railroad tracks were laid in Skull Valley. Our first Railroad Depot was built in , to serve the large ranches of cattle, sheep, and Angora goats; the truck farmers, passengers and the mining interests of Copper Basin mining district. The track generally followed the old mule train freight route winding up the mountains from Martinez, now Congress Junction , northwest to Hillside , east to Kirkland and North to Skull Valley.

They made one stop on the way up the mountain at Rams Gate to take on wood and water. The last passenger service to use this depot was in April, and the last freight service to stop in Skull Valley was in March Eight to ten freight trains still travel through Skull Valley daily. In November the depot was moved to its present location and left resting on timbers, later to be placed on a new cement and cement block foundation in This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience.

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